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Online therapy: basic information

In this post, I will briefly explain what online therapy is. I will give you some pointers as to what to look for. I will also set out some of the benefits and challenges of online therapy. This will help you make an informed choice as to whether face to face therapy or online therapy… Continue reading Online therapy: basic information

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Overthinking: the ‘unanswerable question’ variant

Overthinking: beyond the label - ditch the label ‘Overthinking’ is one of those catch-all labels that are a useful starting point. But if you are to put an end to it, the underlying cause must be understood. What is really going on in that mind of yours? Here I will talk about just one manifestation… Continue reading Overthinking: the ‘unanswerable question’ variant

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Counselling for Guernsey residents

Counselling in Guernsey The message I hear often from Guernsey is that there is a shortage of trained counsellors and psychotherapists in the island. This has left some Guernsey residents unable to find the counselling they need. One factor is that counsellors cannot usually work with people already known to them in other roles or… Continue reading Counselling for Guernsey residents

This post asks, counselling or psychotherapy - is there a difference?
Counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling or psychotherapy?

Counselling or psychotherapy - is there a difference? The range of therapies available these days can be quite bewildering. Let’s look first at the question of whether to choose counselling or psychotherapy. In fact, is there a difference?  In short, no there isn't. At least, there is no agreed definition either in law or among… Continue reading Counselling or psychotherapy?