Online therapy: basic information

2020-11-28T10:34:39+00:00May 11, 2020|Categories: About Juline Counselling, Counselling and psychotherapy|Tags: , |

In this post, I will briefly explain what online therapy is. I will give you some pointers as to what to look for. I will also set out some of the benefits and challenges of online therapy. This [...]

Overthinking: the ‘unanswerable question’ variant

2020-11-13T18:50:57+00:00November 13, 2020|Categories: Therapy chunks|Tags: |

Overthinking: beyond the label - ditch the label ‘Overthinking’ is one of those catch-all labels that are a useful starting point. But if you are to put an end to it, the underlying cause must be understood. What [...]

Counselling for Guernsey residents

2020-05-15T17:52:08+00:00May 2, 2020|Categories: About Juline Counselling|Tags: , , |

Counselling in Guernsey The message I hear often from Guernsey is that there is a shortage of trained counsellors and psychotherapists in the island. This has left some Guernsey residents unable to find the counselling they need. One [...]

Stories of sexual abuse – public and private

2020-05-16T12:35:25+00:00November 10, 2019|Categories: Counselling and psychotherapy|Tags: , , , |

Starting with the book, "She Said" which details the investigative journalism behind the #MeToo movement, this post argues the on-going need for stories of sexual harassment and abuse to be told in both public and private.

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