Counselling in central London

Counselling in central London

***New video counselling sessions available during COVID-19 outbreak

I am increasing the number of video counselling sessions. More people can now receive counselling at home. This will make it easier to carry out social distancing and self-isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Are you struggling with life or facing a crisis?

You might feel that you have lost your way or are not sure who you are any more. Maybe you are suffering with anxiety, depression, hurt or trauma. Possibly you are facing difficulties in a relationship or work situation.

Counselling is for anyone

I have never met a client who cannot be helped in some way. I have never met a person who I don’t want to help.

It doesn’t matter who you are. A student struggling with anxiety, pressure or identity. A parent trapped in a difficult relationship. Or the executive worried about the cracks appearing in their life. We all need help at times.

Life can get better. Emotional healing is possible. There can be new ways of seeing, new ways of being. And if you can’t believe that right now, I will hold that hope for you until you can find it for yourself.

Getting started

I offer psychotherapy and counselling in counselling centres from Bloomsbury to Camden to help you with any difficulties you are facing.

You don’t need to prepare. You can show up just as you are right now and we can go from there. We can look together at whatever you are finding upsetting or difficult. We do this at your own pace and only when you are ready.

Gently, we will start to make sense of things, so that you can feel better, grow and move forward. There are no magic doors. Just compassion, caring and commitment to you feeling better about yourself and your life.

More details


Click here for full details on locations, fees, availability, issues covered and more.

There is no need to wait for counselling in central London. It is usually possible to arrange a first appointment this week or next week. If you are not sure counselling is what you need, please ask for an Introductory Session.

Counselling can be short or long term. It can be open-ended if you are not sure how long you will need (which is quite usual).

Making an appointment

Please don’t wait until you cannot cope any more. If you feel you need help or support, please call or text me on 07963 740048 or send me an email

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