Counselling and psychotherapy

Can Zen or meditation assist counselling and psychotherapy?

I am sometimes asked whether meditation can help in dealing with anger, anxiety or trauma. Here's my reply....

Book review

A story of child abuse in post-war England

Thoughts on one man's account of his childhood experiences of abuse in post-war England.

Counselling and psychotherapy

Borderline personality disorder – is it real?

Introduction Is Borderline Personality Disorder real? Is the use of that term as a label or diagnosis damaging? It is certainly a highly contested construct. This blog post contains my notes on a Huffington Post UK article: “Borderline Personality Disorder - A Diagnosis Of Invalidation” by Dr Jay Watts. It contains elements of my own… Continue reading Borderline personality disorder – is it real?

Counselling and psychotherapy

‘Personality disorders’ on-line and in the media

For clients reading this: as a counsellor, my approach to 'personality disorders'  is to not be too concerned with the label, other than how it is affecting you to be labelled that way. For me, it is more important to understand what is driving the feelings or behaviours that are of concern to you, which… Continue reading ‘Personality disorders’ on-line and in the media


Papers assessing the role of ‘common factors’ in psychotherapy outcomes

Research showing that the therapeutic relationship is central to positive outcomes.