Counselling in Guernsey

The message I hear often from Guernsey is that there is a shortage of trained counsellors and psychotherapists in the island. This has left some Guernsey residents unable to find the counselling they need. One factor is that counsellors cannot usually work with people already known to them in other roles or relationships. Unlike in London where I practise, this crops up on a regular basis for Guernsey therapists.

So what to do, if you cannot find a therapist able to work with you? One solution is counselling via video link or other electronic means.

The rise of video counselling

Counselling via video link and other forms of online or e-therapy has become more common in the last few years. And video sessions are now very easy to set up on your computer or mobile phone.

Happily, Guernsey residents can now access therapy from around the world. But it makes sense to find a UK counsellor because of the common language. It is also easier to check whether a UK-based counsellor is properly registered and qualified.

During the COVID-19 lock-down, the number of counsellors working this way has jumped again. UK counselling bodies have sanctioned this, provided the therapist is competent to work this way. The therapist must also consider whether this is appropriate for each individual client.

Unfortunately, if you start video counselling during the current pandemic, there is no guarantee that the counsellor has undergone adequate training for working online. There is also no certainty that you will be able to continue your sessions when social distancing restrictions are eased. This is because the therapist’s membership body may have approved untrained therapists working online only during the COVID-19 restrictions .

Accessing counselling during and after the pandemic

So what can you do if you are a Guernsey resident unable to find the counselling you need?

I am an experienced therapist trained in online counselling.
My practice is based in Bloomsbury in central London.  
I am now offering therapy to Guernsey residents via encrypted video link. 

I have undergone 80 hours of training specifically to deliver counselling and psychotherapy by video, telephone and other online methods. This means I can offer you therapy for as long as you feel you need it during and after the pandemic lock-down. Sessions are delivered via video link with a high degree of encryption.

Next steps

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If you would like more information first, try one of these links:

More information can be found on the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) website at

Juline was was born, raised and educated in Guernsey before re-locating to the UK in 1988 and returns regularly to visit family still living on the island.