About Juline

I am an experienced psychotherapist working in private practice. My practice is based in the Bloomsbury and King’s Cross / Camden areas of central London. I work online as well as offering face to face therapy.

Living and working with people facing difficulties has always been part of my life. So my therapy practice is grounded in compassion for the suffering of others. Life can get better. Emotional healing is possible.

My aim is to be able to support you, no matter who you are. No issue is too deep set. Equally, please never think your difficulty is too small or not worthy of counselling. If it is upsetting or problematic for you, a short period of therapy may help.

Juline’s principal qualifications

  • Master of Arts in Contemporary Therapeutic Counselling (Level 7)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling (Level 7)
  • Diploma in Counselling (Level 5)
  • ‚ÄčSpecialist training in traumatic bereavement (Road Victims Trust)
  • Specialist training in online counselling (80 hours)
  • Master of Arts, University of Oxford.

Juline’s training

My core service is counselling and psychotherapy for which I am fully qualified. My basic training was to Level 7 (Masters degree) and lasted five years. Initially, I trained for a year as a ‘person-centred’ counsellor and later for five years using the ‘psychodynamic’ model. At the same time I completed specialist training in trauma-related work, in particular traumatic bereavement. Later, I completed an 80-hour course in online counselling. I add to my skills through continuous professional development (CPD).

I also provide coaching and mentoring on request. This can be a standalone service or as a natural element of counselling. I do not have formal coaching training. My experience comes from providing the following as part of various professional roles: mentoring for young offenders in various settings, coaching for employees and life coaching generally.

For your assurance

I am a registered member (no. 197969) of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). I undertake on-going professional development, work within the BACP code of ethics and hold comprehensive civil liability insurance. I also hold an enhanced DBS check to work with vulnerable adults and children.

BACP registered-logo

‚ÄčMy counselling and psychotherapy experience

I am a fully qualified and work mostly with adults. This follows 30 years’ experience working in counselling, mentoring and providing individual support in various roles. As a result, I work with most issues, but have a special interest in working with adults who suffered, trauma, abuse or neglect in childhood. Please see the Questions page for more information on this.

My informal counselling experience began with providing peer-to-peer support for students. Later I did the same for employees in the City (the financial quarter of London) who were leading self-destructive lifestyles. Then, in the days before social media I set up and ran an online support group for people with gender identity issues.

My basic counselling skills were forged through living in a probation hostel for young men and providing support for homeless men with alcohol problems. As part of my training and post-qualification development, I was a volunteer counsellor for a charities supporting:

  • women and men who have lost a pregnancy, baby or child, including through miscarriage or termination
  • people facing domestic violence or abuse
  • anyone who lost a family member in a road crash or been traumatised themselves
  • young people from aged 15 years upwards.

My work with different types of clients

As well as working with high-performing clients in the City, I have also lived in two communities based on social justice. These were centred on working for people who are in some way marginalised, disadvantaged or vulnerable.

I have also worked for organisations supporting the following client groups in counselling or non-counselling roles:

– people who are homeless– welfare rights
– people dependent on drugs or alcohol– housing rights
– perpetrators and survivors of domestic violence – human right violations
– young offenders (8-21 years old)– people with mental health problems

Next steps

  • For more information about the therapy I offer, go to the Your Questions page.
  • To book an initial consultation or make an enquiry, please go to my Contact Page.