As a counsellor, I work with people from a few weeks to a few years. Either way, I am not here to keep you in counselling indefinitely.

Building up your own own internal resources – when you are ready – is an important part of managing better in the future.  But even before that, the tiniest step you take on your own between counselling sessions will sometimes increase your sense of being able to make the changes you want. That may come quickly or it may take time.

As some clients ask for self-help resources, I am starting (6 March 2018) to add some here which other people have found helpful, including stories from other people.

If you suffer from trauma symptoms, and even if you don’t, please think carefully about what to watch and read before clicking on a link. Learning when to challenge yourself a little and when to protect yourself is an important part of managing your self-care.


Abuse in childhood


Body dysmorphia / body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

Food and eating disorders

Hearing voices

Personality disorders