Project Description

I started therapy with Juline because anxiety was impacting my life more than I wanted to. The Covid pandemic definitely triggered me. After years of surviving these anxious feelings and multiple panic attacks, I decided to reach out to Juline to better understand myself and feel more at peace.

I remember our first session; I was talking really fast with a need to externalize all the secrets and thoughts I had with me for years. I felt understood and listened to with Juline, sometimes questioning and asking for details. In the beginning, I had a hard time diving deep into my emotions that I tended to suppress or push on the side. But with time, session after session, I got a better view of myself. I allowed my mind and body to feel, to experience anxiety, sadness and anger differently, and I think I evolved to be a version of myself I can be proud of.

I am very grateful for the tools and advice Juline gave me; I often use them in my daily life. Some vital parts of our sessions are written on my phone and journal, so I’m always able to reread them in my down moments.