Read about counselling for sexuality or gender identity issues

Juline is an experienced therapist working online and in Bloomsbury, central London. Juline is ‘assigned male at birth’, spent much of her life identifying as female, could not transition; and now is happy to be seen as gender fluid or non-binary, taking a fairly relaxed view from day to day as to which label (if any) and which pronouns feel best.

How are sexuality or gender identity issues affecting you?

If you grew up questioning your sexual or gender identity, you may still experience the pressures, confusion or even shame of feeling different.

These may arise from internal conflict as to who we are or who we want to be. And often the tensions between our identities and the expectations of family, peers, culture or religion around us plays a part too. We may not feel supported by the healthcare or legal system, or sometimes even by our own LGBTQ communities.

Do you face frequent comments or actions by other people that seem to question the validity of who you are and undermine your confidence? Or maybe more obvious discrimination, bullying or physical violence? At times, you may have found yourself on the constant look out for these.

It is unsurprising that your confidence and self-esteem can suffer. And maybe your wider mental and physical health too. Your ability to navigate work or personal relationships may be impacted. Possibly, you resort to coping behaviours that are risky or self-destructive.

The therapy I provide is designed to support you in becoming the person you want to be and feeling more relaxed and comfortable in the world around you

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Counselling for sexuality and gender identity issues

You might want counselling for issues unrelated to your identity, but would feel more comfortable knowing your counsellor is familiar with LGBTQ issues. Great: you are in the right place!

But if you would like to know a little more about how I am helping clients with their identity issues, click on the grey boxes below.

What’s the problem right now?

We can start counselling with the problems you are facing right now. This can be about our identity, lifestyle, relationships or just general life issues. Often the feelings come up too: such as feeling rejected, confusion, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety or shame. All the things we hide to get along even in our closest relationships and LGBTQ communities.

It can be a relief just to lay these out honestly without fear of judgement. And to realise that things really can get better!

Who are you really?

Have you dared to identify as LBGTQ, only to find the pressure to conform with stereotypes or a certain lifestyle is distorting how you want to be? This can cause confusion and damage your trust in yourself. Do you feel like you’re barely surviving?

We can use counselling to find much greater clarity on who you want to be and what you want in life. And to build up the confidence to live as that person. It is important to address any uncertainties that still lie within you. Clearing some of these away can make you feel like things have rotated into alignment!

Managing relationships

The difficulties you faced in life so far may still be shaping your relationships. Fear of rejection. Always trying to prove yourself to be good enough. Feelings of insecurity or even danger. Would you like to grow beyond these so that you can have healthier relationships based on mutual respect, affection and feeling secure?

How great would it be to know you can hang out with and go home to people who love you for who you are? And maybe you want to work on relationships you didn’t choose such as family and the workplace.

We are all different in our emotional needs. It is important to find out exactly what makes you feel happy and secure in your friendships and romantic/sexual relationships.

Consciously creating a brighter future

At some point, you may get excited to realise how you can actively discover the life that you want (and not always be dealing only with the difficult stuff).

When you are ready, we can switch the focus onto what makes you feel secure, happy and fulfilled. How you can gain confidence to live more openly as the person you want to be and comfortable in your own chosen way of living. Whatever that means for you.


For even more about my approach to gender, sexual and relationship diversity, click here.

Your new future

If you are struggling to cope, it may be time to find a new way of doing things. With counselling, you can just show up as you are right now. Gently, we can start to make sense of things, so that you can feel better and move forward.

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