Your questions

What are your qualifications, training and experience?

My training is at Level 7 (Masters degree) and lasted five years. It is enhanced through specialist training and continuous professional development (CPD). Please see more at About Juline.

What issues can you help with?

I am happy to help with most issues.  We will be able to discuss this fully at the first session.  More details on specific issues and a fuller list can be found lower down on this page.

Where will we meet?

I work as a private practitioner at two counselling centres in central London. I am based in Bloomsbury in London WC1A. I also work at another centre with full disability access. This is near to Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations and also within walking distance from Camden High Street.

What is your availability?

My working hours are afternoons and evenings from Monday to Thursday. My latest appointment is at 9pm (21:00) but on certain evenings only. If we cannot find a mutually agreeable time, I can sometimes offer an appointment on Fridays for a few weeks until something suitable becomes available. Please use the contact form to make an appointment.

How much do you charge?

Fees are charged on the basis of a weekly, 50-minute session as follows:

Bloomsbury – £75 per session
Kings Cross / Camden – £60 per session

If you are not sure about wanting therapy or want to find out more, please ask for an Introductory Session. The fees for these sessions are lower (£40/£30). This will give you the chance to talk about what you would like from therapy and get the feel of what it is like to have a session at the venue you choose.

Are the venues wheelchair accessible?

The Kings Cross/Camden venue is wheelchair accessible. There is a lift between reception, counselling rooms and other facilities. If you decide at the first session that access isn’t adequate, I will not charge you for the session. The Bloomsbury venue is a listed building and has not been adapted. The waiting room and counselling room are upstairs and access is unsuitable for people with severe mobility problems.

Do you provide counselling on sexuality and gender identity issues?

Yes. Please see my separate page for details of my approach and ethical framework.

Do you provide counselling for survivors of abuse in childhood?

Yes, this is one of my main interests.  Please see also: Abuse in childhood

Do you provide counselling for adoption issues?

Please see my blog post on this issue.

Do you make a diagnosis?

As a psychotherapist, I do not make a medical diagnosis such as “depression”, “personality disorder” or “being on the autistic spectrum”.  Instead, I work more with what you are experiencing in your life, for example feeling depressed or anxious, mood swings, difficulty with managing your emotions or difficulty relating to people or situations. I am also happy to talk about your feelings about a diagnosis you have received or how you feel about getting one if you haven’t already.

More examples of issues I deal with are listed below.

Issue I deal with