Abuse in childhood

Read this page about counselling following abuse in childhood.
We can feel isolated and alone after facing abuse as a child

Abuse can mean neglect or it can be physical, emotional or sexual abuse. If you have experienced abuse in childhood, or if this has happened to someone close to you, it may feel difficult to talk to other people about it, especially for the first time. ​

You may be worried about being overwhelmed or confused by your feelings or about not being believed. Possibly you want to protect another person. Or maybe you believe you were to blame.

Counselling gives you a private space where you can begin to talk about your experiences – and about how these affect you now – and gradually bring about the changes you want. It is possible to heal inside, though this may take time.  If you think talking will help, please contact me.

Working with people who experienced abuse as a child is central to what I do as a counsellor. If paying for counselling is difficult, ask me about a reduced fee, so that you can get the help you want.