How women 23-49 with low self-esteem can finally feel good about themselves using the “Reboot Your Self-Esteem” method.

Finally, women and men with low self-esteem, without having to feel every day that you’re not really coping, without having to fake your life, and without having to give in to the behaviours you hate yourself for …..

Get yourself back on track to lead your best life!

Don’t give up on achieving your goals or finding a happy, fulfilling relationship. Deactivate those negative thoughts and feelings that sap your energy before you’ve even got started. Unravel that confusing mess of emotional needs that gets you caught up in relationships that aren’t right for you. Forget about self-medicating your way through life or becoming a therapy junkie. You can kick-start your self-esteem and feel the change starting to happen.

“I’m tired of knowing that I will never be or do what I want in life!”

Book a free 60-minute consultation to discover how this simple, yet effective programme will help you kick-start your self-esteem without having to set your sights lower. You will discover…

Are you doing things the hard way?

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Are you feeling even worse because techniques that you are told work for everyone else aren’t helping you? Then you need to know the following:

  • Once your self-esteem hits a low point, a combination of positive thinking and self-help rarely work on their own.
  • The same is true of ‘manifesting’ and the ‘Law of Attraction’.
  • Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) alone can be effective, but has its limits.
  • Why the idea that you shouldn’t over-think things might be wrong after all.

Find out how this programme takes you beyond all of those.

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Is your life is being derailed by low self-esteem? Forget feeling you can’t cope any more, feeling dependent on other people to shore up your life, and eating or spending your way to happiness.

You may be struggling, frustrated with yourself or feeling like a failure in some areas of your life. The simple, yet effective “Reboot Your Self-Esteem” programme that allows you to start believing in yourself in 13 weeks, so that you don’t have to pretend to yourself ad everyone else that “Everything’s fine!” Or remain stuck in an diminishing and demoralising cycle of self-help.

The breakthrough method that is great even if you have started believing you are a failure, worthless or unlovable, even if you had difficult experiences in childhood which still affect you now, and even if you feel trapped by your family or cultural situation.

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Together, on this one of a kind programme we will work together to finally turn this around with the Reboot Your Self-Esteem method. This way, you can start to feel more in control and attract the sort of people you want in your life.

I am an experienced psychotherapist and not a coach or confidence ‘guru’. I work with a maximum of six people on this programme at any one time, so that I can triple the input and attention you get each week. That’s only two clients starting each month!

Let’s get you back on the road to feeling feel great about yourself! Something new is beginning. I cannot wait to see you on the consultation.

FAQs are at the bottom of this page.

Book a FREE 60-minute consultation

It is easy to book a free consultation to be held over the telephone or by video link. You must be 18 years old or over when you start the therapy.

Simply scroll through the calendar below. Select a date and time and fill out the boxes. Then click on the ‘schedule event’ button. You will see a booking confirmation on your screen and receive an email confirmation.

Scroll through the calendar above to find the right date and time for you.

Your questions (FAQs)

Are you a genuine, qualified therapist?

Yes. My basic training was to Level 7. I have a Master of Arts (MA) with Distinction in Contemporary Therapeutic Counselling which is accredited by the the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Initially, I trained for a year as a ‘person-centred’ counsellor and later for five years using the ‘psychodynamic’ model. At the same time I completed specialist training in trauma-related work, in particular traumatic bereavement. Later, I completed an 80-hour course in online counselling. I add to my skills through continuous professional development (CPD).

My BACP membership number is 197969. You can check by entering ‘mauger’ on the Register here: I am fully insured.

What sort of therapy is this?

This therapy draws on both cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic models. Working at the cognitive (thought), behavioural and emotional levels is vital if you want to bring about real, deep and lasting change in your life. Many therapists work with only the cognitive/behavioural aspects or the emotional/unconscious aspects. I combine both.

You may need to identify patterns that were formed in any part of your life so far, including childhood. These are often buried in our unconscious minds, so that we are completely unaware of them. Working with these is central to my therapy training and practice.

How long does the programme last?

The programme lasts 13 weeks.

What is your input as therapist?

Rather than see 18 clients a week for an hour each, I prefer to work with about six people at a time and offer a therapy service which treats you more like a valued, premium client.

In each week of the programme, I provide two 60-minute therapy sessions. The first is to facilitate your structured self-enquiry process. The second is a free-form therapy session which allows issues to surface that probably will not do so in a structured process. I do a third hour of work for you each week, absorbing and focusing the material that you bring. This helps inform the therapy sessions. The therapy sessions and your self-enquiry thus reinforce each other.

Why can’t I do this without a therapist?

You can! However, getting to the bottom of what reinforces low self-esteem is often more complex and difficult to shift than it first looks. Quick shallow change is relatively easy. But change that goes deeper and doesn’t collapse at the first setback is harder to achieve.

On this programme, your self-enquiry done at home is supplemented in two ways. The first therapy session each week is to help you with the self-enquiry process. This is not just answering your questions about how to do it, but facilitating your actual self-enquiry. The second session each week is a regular, free-form therapy session. This is actually the most powerful part of the programme. It allows you to bring to the surface what will probably not arise when focusing on structured work.

In my experience, these two weekly therapy sessions make the programme much more powerful and longer lasting than self-enquiry done alone.

Will we meet online or face to face?

The weekly session facilitating your self-enquiry will beheld online by video or telephone link, as you prefer. There is a benefit to holding the free-form therapy session face to face, but this can also be held by video or phone link. (During the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of face to face sessions depends on being able to meet Government and industry guidance.)

Scroll back up to the calendar above to find the right date and time for you!

Header photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash. Phone photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash