This is for you if ...

  • you are affected by the pandemic in ways that you’re only just beginning to process
  • you’re still struggling with things that were happening before the pandemic even started
  • you’re feeling lonely, isolated or disconnected from people around you
  • your mental or physical health have been affected by the pandemic
  • you’re worried about what the post-pandemic world will mean for you


  • You are struggling to find motivation and feel like you can’t even get dressed in the morning
  • You are worried about how you will re-connect with the world around you
  • You are are not eating or exercising properly or starting to worry about your health

Counselling can help you cope without having to worry that you’re going to fall apart. So that you can start to believe that a happy future is possible.

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Maybe you already have tried

  • following other people’s advice?
  • using online resources and self-help books?
  • repeating positive affirmations?
  • the Law of Attraction or ‘manifesting’
  • a few sessions of coaching or counselling?

I hope these have helped you! But if not…

Pandemic recovery counselling

Counselling can help you cope with the multiple worries and difficulties you are facing as we slowly emerge from pandemic restrictions. With feelings of being overwhelmed or demotivated. And with any lack of connection and meaning you may currently feel.

Leaves on an empty park bench

It’s only right that you can do this without having to

  • Worry that people think you are weak or silly for still getting emotional or anxious
  • Go over and over things in your head without finding any answers
  • Worry that you’re overloading the people around you
  • Explain to your friends that you’re on medication for anxiety or mood swings or depression

It’s time to get back to a place where you you feel confident you’ll be able to cope with life once again.

How our bereavement therapy works

As a therapist, I have of course been supporting people though the pandemic. Now the focus is shifting to emerging from it. I will explain how counselling can help. But first, here are three things that can sometimes make things worse.

Things that can make it worse

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Living as if nothing has changed

Learning to live with a ‘new normal’ is not just a cliché. It’s a hard reality. And we may have suffered losses along the way. Trying to reconstruct your old life in a changed world is likely to end in stress and frustration.

Keeping your expectations unchanged

It would be easy to keep the same expectations of yourself and others around you at a time when many things have changed or are more difficult. But there is a chance that you or they will fall short sooner or later. This only adds to extra stress on yourself and risks friction in your relationships.

I can do it alone

Well, sometimes we really can! Only you can be the judge of that. But if you need help or support to get you through, maybe now is the time to unashamedly ask for it?

What is true and what isn’t

TRUE: Clients often tell me, “My life will never be the same again.” This is true. There is a big mental shift or adjustment that must be made in coping with so much change in the world and especially in our own lives.

NOT TRUE: Clients also say, “I won’t ever to be able to cope with life or find pleasure in life again.” This is not true. The adjustment to your new life can be made.

This is what I can help you with. This is what I help clients with all the time.

So what are my clients finding helpful?

Here are four things I find work with clients already focused on emerging from this long disruption to our lives. (Click on each bar to read more!)

#1 Take stock of your personal ‘new normal’

Recently, things have moved so fast and so often. Even if we respond well in the moment, our minds often work as if the old circumstances still exist. You may be feeling off balance or a bit lost in uncertainty. Seeing your new reality clearly will help you make better, conscious choices that help you feel more in control.

#2 Acknowledging your losses

‘Losses’ does not just mean the most devastating of losses – the death of someone close to you. You may be facing a loss of health, of income, of relationships, of cancelled plans or of dreams that cannot be fulfilled. Everything we know about coping well with such losses points to facing them consciously. But this is not easy and you may find yourself wishing for extra support.

#3 Don’t go back to the same old problems

Many people are finding that problems they had before the pandemic such as relationships or work are now feeling worse. And so do feelings of isolation and a lack of anxiety, confidence, self-esteem. You don’t have to live with the same old problems! You can choose your time coming out of lockdown to make long-lasting changes.

#4 Actively build your confidence

As pandemic restrictions reduce, the changed world into which we are re-emerging is still unclear. But you can use this time to feel better prepared to face whatever comes your way. You can develop confidence that you are going to live your life based on a ‘you’ that you are happy with and a future built on what is important to you.

Enjoying life again
Enjoying life again.

Are struggling to cope?

Working with clients this year has shown all of the pointers above to be effective. They will help you cope and move forwards with the confidence and vitality you don’t feel right now. Try to find your own personal path, learning what works for you and what doesn’t.  If you can do this on your own, that’s wonderful!

But some of us need some extra support to to find our feet again. And for others the level of stress or upset we are feeling makes even thinking about what to do feel overwhelming.

If you are struggling to cope, it may be time to find a new way of doing things.

With counselling, you can just show up as you are right now. Gently, we can start to make sense of things, so that you can feel better and move forward.

You can arrange an introductory session today.

Probably this is the single most important thing you can do right now.


This service is provided by experienced therapist, Juline Mauger, working online and face to face in central London.

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