Improve your self-esteem by working one-to-one with an experienced psychotherapist

Is a lack of self-esteem stopping you being the person you want to be?

In this intensive, short term therapy, you will:

  • Get clarity on your negative self-evaluation and how it holds you back (as well as the positives)
  • Discover the strategies you have put in place to protect yourself, which are now working against you, and learn how to create better strategies for yourself
  • Identify situations which trigger those strategies and learn how to change your responses to them
  • Identify other issues that are shaping your life, such as relational patterns or unresolved and buried emotions.
  • Learn the tools to continue making changes in your life and start planning a better future for yourself

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Why is this programme different?

  • I am an experienced psychotherapist and not a coach or confidence ‘guru’.
  • I work with only six people on this programme at any one time, so that I can give you more attention.
  • As your therapist, I do additional work for you during the week and not just during your weekly sessions. This doubles or triples your therapist’s weekly input, compared to weekly sessions alone.
  • This is a structured, short-term programme, not open-ended therapy.
  • It identifies mental blocks and conflicts outside of your awareness that stop you being the person you want to be.
  • It helps you identify other patterns in your life that you may want to work on at a later date.

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A note on my therapy methods

I believe that working at both the cognitive (thought), behavioural and emotional levels is vital if you want to bring about real change in your life. In particular, you may need to identify patterns that were formed in childhood. These are often buried deep in our unconscious minds, so that we are completely unaware of them. Working with these is central to my therapy training and practice. (Many therapists work with only the cognitive/behavioural aspects or emotional/unconscious aspects. I combine both.)

We can meet online or face to face or blend the two.

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It is easy to book a FREE, 30-minute consultation. This can be held over the telephone or an encrypted video link. (An alternative is to book a face to face Introductory Session. The fee is £30-£40 depending on the venue.) You will need to be 18 years old or over when you start the therapy.

Simply scroll through the calendar below. Select a date and time and fill out the boxes. Then click on the ‘schedule event’ button. You will see a booking confirmation on your screen and receive an email confirmation. Depending on your choice, I will either call you at your chosen time or email you instructions for a video call, normally the day before the call.

Thank you for my consultation page. You can now flick through the calendar above to find the right date and time for you.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash.